The name says it all: Everything is fine!  That’s our motto.


The décor of HUNKY DORY –

a delightful collection of nostalgic elements of a bygone era

– creates a surprisingly cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

Our long elegant bar can easily accommodate up to 22 guests.

Across from the bar, you will find personal booths each equipped with a functional old-fashioned telephone.  With them, you can order your drinks directly from the bar, OR – if you like – you can call other guests in the surrounding booths!

Antique slot machines, games, and peculiarities of yesteryear may show you new ways for an amusing evening out.

Having FUN is allowed… as well as DRINKING!


Our drink concept is epitomized by our seasonal cocktail menus (including our special “Cocktails on Tap”.)  Also of note is our unique wine and champagne selection.  Of course, you can find all of the classic Olde Worlde cocktails here, presented and served on FLEEK.  Our homemade bar food provides a delectable counterpart to our drink offerings, and is available all night!


Out front, we have benches and tables for shared outdoor seating, and we also have plenty of extra room in our communal Atrium out back.


Through the summer months, our stunning rooftop terrace with an incredible view of Frankfurt’s Skyline is available for PRIVAT EVENTS.


Please send your reservation requests to:


  For Spontaneity reservations please call us only during opening hours to:

+49 69 272 40 111


Opening hours

Tuesday - Friday 6pm - 2am

Saturday 7pm - 2am


 ++ Stay Tuned ++ It's all hunky-dory!


We are looking forward to Hosting you!


+49 (0) 69 272 40 111 | CHEERS@HUNKYDORYBAR.COM